Cheap Flights for Seniors

Although everyone takes up a single-seat, some people can get discounts when they fly. Finding cheap flights for seniors means taking advantage of the special prices many airlines charge for those past a certain age. Keep in mind that all flights from airlines that offer senior discounts will be cheaper, but there are methods you can use to help save even more money when making travel plans.
What follows are some tips that will help seniors save money when creating their vacation plans. Keep in mind that not all airlines have senior discounts.

The 10% Discount

The most common discount for seniors with airlines that do provide this feature is 10%. That makes it easy to calculate how much money you save on purchasing the tickets. But keep in mind that 10% is generally just above the taxes that you pay, so the listed full price is going to be close.
Still 10% is 10% and that is better than nothing. Another advantage is that many senior discounts carry over to other specials, so you can save even more money compared to someone without the senior discount.


Of the airlines that offer senior discounts, many will have newsletters and alerts for special deals that you can save even more money. Signing up is free and some of the deals may be geared towards seniors. If you can travel any time of the year, then you should consider signing up for alerts that feature special ticket prices where you can save even more.

Time of Year

When you take your trip and its location may provide some advantages as well. Going to popular destinations during the off-season can save seniors and all travelers even more money. Plus, it’s easier to book hotels and visit attractions when not as many people are around. Of course, there is a good reason why fewer people travel to destinations during the off-season, so you will want to do your research before making the trip.

Day of Week

Just moving up or back your trip in a few days can save a considerable amount of money. You may find a good discount by leaving on a Tuesday morning compared to Friday afternoon or evening. Make your weekend getaway during the week and you may pay considerably less. When you are making plans, be sure to check the ticket prices for each day of the week and find the one that works best for your budget.

Package Deals

When planning for your entire trip, including hotel fare, you may find package deals geared towards seniors that may save you more money. Or they may not, you’ll have to breakdown the price being offered and compare it to purchasing the tickets, booking the hotel, and other amenities separately. But it is worth considering as you can save some money.
Finding cheap flights for seniors starts with the plans you want to make for visiting a destination, then finding the right airline that will take you there. Be sure to have alternative destinations and keep an eye out for special discounts at different times of the year.