Everybody needs love in their life, and dating for seniors is no different. With a wealth of options out there, it can be hard to focus in on what’s best for you. Yet don’t fret, as it is easier than you might assume to find the right match for your dating needs.
Perhaps you’re looking for a new lasting relationship, or a casual connection, eHarmony has a platform that provides it all. With the inception of eHarmony Senior Dating, the world of senior dating sites has never been the same.
We decided to check-in and discover what all the fuss was about, and give our honest opinion on the experience of eHarmony for new users. Including how to get started, what features the platform provides, and what you can expect from using eHarmony to bring some love back into your life.


Overview – From Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2000 by Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony was one of the first online dating websites in the market. It was the first ever to employ a matching system for members, which is a staple for the online dating world today.
From the very beginning, eHarmony has been specifically focused on providing dating solutions for people over 50. Whilst the site is open to anybody over the age of 18, it is designed in a way that these two groups do not mingle. Unless of course, you want to look for someone in that age bracket.
The service now has over 750,000 active paid subscribers, and 10 million active users, making it the most popular dating site for seniors on the planet.
eHarmony prides itself on being the home for people looking for long-term lasting relationships, and as we looked deeper, it wasn’t hard to see why.

Where to Get Started – The eHarmony App and Website

You can get started by going to the eHarmony website, or by searching for “eHarmony” on your app store. Simply state if you are a man or woman, and what you are looking for. From there the sign-up process is quick and easy.
Both the site and the app offer slightly different experiences, so we took the time to look at them both and check the differences for ourselves.

The eHarmony Website

The eHarmony website is a comprehensive version of the platform, allowing you to see everything you need to at a glance. Everything from your messages, matches, forums, and protentional partners waiting for your response.
If you are accustomed to navigating dating websites, or the internet in general, we recommend the website version. As it’s usability is smooth, and you’ll find yourself with plenty of options waiting to be explored.

The eHarmony App

The eHarmony app is a more streamlined experience, focusing on giving you an easy-to-use platform so you can sit back and swipe through potential matches, or reply to messages you may have received.
The app is a great support for the main desktop platform, and you can absolutely use all of the features of eHarmony through the app alone. If you’re waiting for a reply from someone who interests you, or perhaps just see what your options are over lunch, it’s a good companion in your pocket.


Being one of the most popular dating sites on the internet would make you assume that eHarmony is loaded with features, however that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, the eHarmony team is much more focused on making a streamlined and effective platform.
So, let’s look at some of the key features you can expect to find:

  • Messaging – It’s no surprise that eHarmony comes with a complete messaging system, for both one-on-one chats, and group chats. The chat system even comes with some helpful “guided chatting” options, to help you connect with your matches
  • Icebreakers – This feature is an interesting one. When you match with someone, you will have access to the free icebreaker tool. Both users will be shown a set of images, followed by a prompt, and will contrast your answers with your match. Helping you find a common ground before you even begin chatting fully.
  • Video Dating – eHarmony supports full video and microphone chatting, allowing you to connect even more closely with your protentional matches.
  • Dating Assistance – The website provides an extensive range of interactive advice panels, articles, and blog posts to help prepare you better for the dating world. If you’ve been out of the game for some time, this is a great place to start to build that confidence back up.
  • Guided Dating & Matching – The eHarmony platform has designed a system to better match you with people more likely to share your interests and goals in life. Using information from your profile, the system will work to put the right person in front of you at all times.


When you begin your journey into the eHarmony dating scene, you will be given the free subscription. Compared to many other platforms, this is quite generous. Allowing you to enjoy the matching experience without many restrictions.
The eHarmony membership will, however, offer you a much more comprehensive list of features. Such as:

  • See the photos of the people you match to.
  • Filter matches to get more specific results.
  • View more in-depth profile information, such as personality profiles, and compatibility results based on your own profile.
  • The ability to see who looked at your profile.
  • A more regular match update.
  • Unlimited messaging between matches.
  • Access to a wealth of profile reviews, provided by the eHarmony team.

The membership will set you back between $55 to $30 per month, depending on the package you choose. The best advice we could offer is to take some time with the free membership, and see if eHarmony is right for you. If you want to get more out of the platform, then their membership plans are a great value.

Our Final Thoughts

There is a reason eHarmony has been around so long, and is one of the most popular sites for online dating. With a list of helpful, and engaging features, finding love on eHarmony is simply a matter of time.
We were impressed by the state of eHarmony, and think it’s a good place for anybody over 50 to give a chance. If you’re looking to get back into dating, and have been struggling to find the platform for you, eHarmony is worth a look.