Trying to find your way in the online dating world can be a rough task. With so many options competing for your attention, it can be hard to find what really works for you. However, one name that has been an icon of the online dating world is Match, a platform that has been around since 1995.
If you’re new to the online dating world, the name Match may not be familiar to you. For anybody who has stepped into the world of casual online dating, senior dating sites, or has found themselves looking for something more serious, no doubt you’ve spotted it in your searches.
Committed to being the center of online dating, Match caters to over 15 different languages, and has more than 4 million users from the USA alone. A pretty astounding feat!
We sat down and decided to look deeper into how the internet’s foundational dating platform is for new users, what you can expect from getting involved, and what features you can enjoy from getting involved in the internet’s home of online dating.


Match – An Overview

Something truly fascinating about Match is how it came to be. Born in the year 1995, the creators of Match were pioneers of online dating. When the world held a stigma against the idea of looking for love online, the creators of Match saw the protentional to connect people all over their respective countries and even the world.
Now the website is the most popular online dating platform in existence, catering to every age group, sexuality, and desire for their romantic future. However, as the platform has progressed, it’s clear that the key demographic of the site is dating for seniors. Due to almost 40% of users being over the age of 50.
Match has set out to create a platform that respects your time, your money, and works hard to connect you with exactly the kind of people you’re looking for. No judgments, no complications, no red tape, which is pretty admiring in today’s online dating climate.

Getting Started on Match

Signing up to Match can be done through their website, or downloading their app by searching for “Match” in your app store. The sign-up process is the same for both, so let’s explore what to expect from your first steps into the bustling hub of online dating.
You will need to provide some basic information, such as an email address, your birthday, country, gender, and sexual orientation. After this, you will get to choose a unique username to wear as you meet other people, so choose something fun!
After this you will be faced with Match’s online builder, a tool that will take you step-by-step through the sign-up process and help you build your profile. The majority of this tool is simply just asking you a series of questions, which will later tailor your profile, and help match you with viable people who share your interests.
Then you will get to write a little about yourself in the About Me section of your profile, and upload a picture of yourself. Then that’s it! You’re all set to get started on the Match platform.
So, what are some of the features you can expect to enjoy?

The Core Features of Match

The core of Match is a simple idea, to match you with people who interest you. Seems great right? There is a respect shown in the way the platform is set up, doing away with a lot of the extra fluff found on many other dating services, and getting down to what’s important.
At the core of this is a set of very simply core features:

  • The Discover System – This feature allows you to search for matches with specific qualities. This can range from age, interests, sexual preference, and long-term goals, and much more. A helpful tool to zone in on exactly the people you should be paying attention to.
  • Match Me – This feature allows you to rise the ranks of profiles out there, and have your face at the top of the list. Highlighting you to everyone. This is a great tool if you’re looking to get mingling right this instant.
  • Video Dating – Match comes with full video support, allowing you to have video calls with your matches, and enjoy yourself together. Not only is this a great tool to get to know people better, but also a chance to have a little extra fun, if you’re lucky!
  • MatchPhone – A unique feature for dating sites, allowing you to be given a unique Match specific phone number that you can share. This means you can share your number through the website, and be contacted on your personal phone, without having to offer up your real personal number.

Match Membership – Is it Needed?

When you join Match you will be given the “Member” status, which is their free subscription option. This will allow you to access all the basic features of the site such as searching for matches, create a profile, post a photo, and send likes to people who interest you. You will not be able to send direct messages however, only being able to respond to others.
If you wish to take the extra step you can sign up for their “Subscriber” plan which starts at $45 per month, but goes down to $21 per month with a bulk plan. This will unlock the full features of the site, including all the core features discussed earlier, and the ability to directly message your matches.
For getting started, the Member plan is perfectly fine. Take some time to see if Match is right for you. If you’re happy, and excited to get more involved, then give the Subscriber plan a try.

Our Final Thoughts

There is a good reason Match is the most popular online dating hub in the world, and it shows in their commitment to making a streamlined experience for their users. It’s simple, connect people with people who they are looking for.
For anybody looking for love, no matter your age, sexuality, or desires, Match is a great place to dip your toes in and see what works for you. We couldn’t recommend it enough.