Millionaire Match

Have you been looking for a dating scene that links you with people as successful as yourself? It can be a struggle, trying to find the right platform to invest yourself in, however for almost two decades now MillionaireMatch has been at the forefront of online dating for successful and elite singles.
No matter if you’re looking for senior dating sites, or a place to find a sugar-daddy styled relationship, it can all be found on MillionaireMatch. Requiring members to earn at least $240,000 USD per year to join, so your tax bracket is absolutely important.
The site also allows members to join if they are making less than that, however the platform will reflect this in the profile of these members. Meaning there are no surprises when it comes to your matches’ own personal success.
We sat down and got involved in MillionaireMatch to get a better understanding of how the platform works, how to get involved, and what you can expect from trying to find love in the internet’s elite dating world.


Can Money Buy Love?

Finding love when you are on an elite level can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of work to reach that level, sometimes leaving little room to meet another successful individual like yourself.
Thankfully since its inception in 2001, MillionaireMatch has had a keen focus on cutting out “cheap talk” as they call it. Whilst most women are looking for a man with a stable job, and fruitful career, the platform does away with all of the mystery and creates a transparent environment that gives you the tools to make the right choice.
The site, like most millionaire dating sites, is heavily swayed towards females looking for successful men. However, you will find your fair share of successful business women also looking for men who match their work ethic and success.
According to the Huffington Post, the site has 2.2 million successful members, with over 3000 active users daily. Making it one of the most used elite dating sites in its niche.

The Sign-Up Process – A Unique Attention to Detail

MillionaireMatch offers a unique sign-up process, both through their website and app. Prospective members who consider themselves millionaires will be able to apply and connect directly with a Special Members Director, who will tailor the sign-up process for your needs.
Conveniently you can also assign your own personal assistant or agent to complete the sign-up process for you, interacting directly with the Special Members Director. This will require you to supply a list of documents proving your success, but not invade your privacy.
The sign-up process will also include many questions about you as a person, what you’re looking for, and the nature of your work. All to better tailor your profile, and by extension your matches.

Getting Started on MillionaireMatch – The Profile

To begin your journey into elite dating, it should come as no surprise that it all starts with the profile. There are four main aspects to a MillionaireMatch profile:

  • Headline – Between 10 to 100 characters that aims to catch the attention of protentional matches, and display your title.
  • About Me – Up to 4,000 characters to tell a little about yourself.
  • About My Match – Up to 4,000 characters to explain what you are looking for in a protentional match.
  • Photos – A space to upload up to 26 photos, split between public, private, and more special photos for the right matches.
  • More About Me – A section to expand on your life, past relationships, and generally just a space to better explain yourself. This is private, and is only shown to people you choose to match with.

Added onto this profile page, sorted mostly by your Special Members Director, will be your personal income and a statement showing you made more than $200,000 in the last financial year.

Core Features

After you have a pristine looking profile, you will be able to step into the platform proper. This will open up a wealth of features for you to find exactly what you’re looking for, such as:

  • The ability to view protentional matches – Tailored to your profile.
  • A wink feature, letting you show interest in matches who interest you.
  • The ability to send direct messages, emails, and set up dates with other members.
  • A verified income/wealth check on every match you look at.
  • Forums and chatrooms, letting you jump into a more casual environment and find like-minded people.
  • Access to Live MillionaireMatch counselors, who can offer you valuable advice on how to excel in the elite dating world.
  • A sophisticated keyword search, allowing you to make specific searches for matches who will share common hobbies, income levels, or even levels of beauty that you desire in your partner.


When you first sign up for the platform you will be given the free membership. This will allow you to create a profile, and look at potential matches. You will not, however, be able to send direct messages to your matches. Instead only having the ability to respond.
You will also not have the ability to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of the site, so it really is a trial of sorts. For this platform, the Gold Membership is required to get the most out of the experience.
The membership cost is a little higher than most dating website fees, coming in at $70USD per month, going down to $40 a month with a 6-month package. This will unlock the full experience of the platform, and take advantage of the wealth of services and features we’ve already looked over.


Duration Price per Month Total price
1 Month $70.00 $70.00
3 months $45.00 $135.00
6 months $40.00 $240.00

Our Final Thoughts

In the world of online dating, and dating for seniors, MillionaireMatch doesn’t hit all of the same hallmarks that we’ve come to expect of the industry today. This is for good reason though, as the platform is strictly designed for the elite dating world.
What they do offer is a no-fluff approach that is refreshing, not trying to do too much and move out of their niche. That means an investment into this platform, is an investment into a team that knows the desires of the successful.
If you are a millionaire, or an elite single, looking to mingle and maybe even find love. MillionaireMatch is the right place for you, so why not give them a look?