Yoga for Seniors

Exercising regularly, even if you are young, can be really beneficial and helpful for your body and health. But, exercising at an age where you have difficulties in even standing up can help you ease your body and get a better physique.

Seniors often find it hard to find an exercise that can be easily done and that does not require much weight lifting or exercises that are even difficult for people of a young age. The solution to all these problems is yoga.
Yoga is an exercise that one can do at any part of their life and one should definitely do it because there are many benefits to it. Yoga has a really low impact nature and can be really helpful with people that have joint problems or limited mobility, i.e.; seniors.

Health benefits of doing yoga

Beneficial for your mental health

Yoga is not only helpful for the body but, also for your mind and soul. Studies have shown that by doing yoga, you are able to cure depression, anxiety, stress and other commonly known mental health issues. Doing yoga makes the body and the mind feel at much peace.

Improving your physical health

Any form of exercise can help your physical health and that is well known fact. Doing yoga can help you improve your strength, balance and flexibility. It can even help you in losing weight, get yourself a great night’s sleep and get rid of any known chronic diseases.

How to start doing yoga for seniors

If you are new to yoga and you have no idea how can one start, you can follow the next few steps:

  • Find yourself a yoga teacher; there are many clubs and gyms that can help you with it
  • Go watch some YouTube videos; the best way to learn something if there is no other way to do it
  • Find what type of yoga will best suit you; everybody has a different type of yoga
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable; the easier you feel, the better you will get
  • Make sure you take breaks in between; do not be too hard on yourself and get exhausted quick
  • Practice breathing exercises; make sure you have enough air to do all of it

Basic yoga poses you SHOULD know about

Yoga is an exercise with a vast range of things that one can do. It is near to impossible to master everything in yoga but, like in every other form of exercise, there are some certain basic postures in yoga that one should definitely know about.

Child’s pose:

The resting pose, where you kneel down on your shin bones with your butt resting on your heels. Put your forehead on the mat and your arms stretched wideout.

Mountain’s pose:

As the name suggests itself, you have to make your body look like a mountain. With your hands and feet touching the mat, arch your back upwards and make sure your abdominal area is tightened.